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Introductory Chemistry Online

This site is the temporary home for the text Introductory Chemistry Online. The pages which are specific for the text and for Chemistry 101 (UIC, Fall 2009) can be accessed by clicking on the picture below:

Chemistry Online

Organic Chemistry Online

Two versions of Organic Chemistry OnLine (OCOL) are currently available for general use, the original Organic Chemistry OnLine, Version 2.0, can be entered by clicking on the molecule below:

Organic Chemistry Online

Version 2.0 of OCOL was designed to accompany John McMurry's Organic Chemistry, 5th Edition. It is presented as a courtesy to students who may still use this edition, but no longer have access to the accompanying CD.

Version 3 of OCOL was entitled Organic Chemistry Direct and was written to accompany the 6th Edition of McMurry's book. It is available through the Brooks/Cole website, but suffers from annoying incompatibilities with current browsers and is currently being re-written for the 7th Edition.

Version 4.0 is entitled Organic Chemistry NOW and was written to accompany Joe Hornback's Organic Chemistry, 2nd Edition. This version of OCOL uses the JME drawing pallet for entering organic structures and is an excellent tutorial. The one-chapter demo can be entered by clicking on the pallet below:

NOW 0.9

This demo is presented as a courtesy to students who may wish to purchase this text from Brooks/Cole and have access to the complete tutorial.

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